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10/6/17 10:11 AM

Cell phone Policy

Electronics policy

In order to maximize a safe and effective learning environment the following regulations regarding cell phone use are in affect at PAAL. 

Cell phone use is prohibited at PAAL during periods 1, 2, 3, and 4. Cell phones must be powered off, not on silent/vibrate modes. Cell phones are prohibited when students are out of class with passes during class time. These regulations are in affect for students who are unscheduled certain periods. Cell phones may be used during nutrition, passing periods and lunch. 

During prohibited times cell phones may not be used in any other manner such as text messaging, internet use, checking voice mails, calculators, camera use, playing games or music, etc.

Students are expected to comply with and be familiar with all aspects of the policy at all times. As this is a more formal policy this year, staff will give students a warning first. However, further violation of the policy is no excuse. Any adult staff member can enforce this policy. Any staff member may confiscate cell phones from students who do not comply with the policy. Confiscated cell phones will be returned to the student or parent/legal guardian at the end of the day. 

Students who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary action by the site administration which may include, but not limited to, detention, suspension or transfer to another school.   

Parents/legal guardians, please realize that if you call your student’s phone and they respond to it while during class time, they are still in violation of the policy. Please instruct your child to not respond to their phone while during class time. If it is an emergency please call the school to reach your child. If the school is involved in an emergency situation the site administrator will decide if and when the policy is temporarily suspended.