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2014 Grad Night

Grad Night Instructions 
Grad Night 2014 - Magic Mountain, Thursday, June 12th
  • Arrive at LB Poly Campus, Staff parking lot (Jack Rabbit Lane) by 5:30 pm on Thursday, June 12th, 2014
  • Bring your LB Poly Student ID (Guests: Some form of ID). You must have your student ID to pick up your Magic Mountain ticket and to board the bus. You will be given a colored wristband which designates which bus (blue, yellow, orange, etc) you are riding.
  • You must ride the bus to and from Magic Mountain. No private vehicles will be allowed to enter the park.
  • If you drive a car, parking will be on the black top (Basketball Courts). You can enter from 15th street.
  • No beverages, water bottles, or liquid containers allowed on the bus.
  • Poly staff will be conducting a security search prior to loading the busses.
  • Last bus will depart LB Poly by 6:30 pm.


In addition to the Park Policies already in place at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the following Rules and Regulations apply during GRAD NIGHT:

  • Absolutely NO Alcohol, Drugs, or Weapons of any kind are permitted.
  • Six Flags is a SMOKE–FREE Park and will not tolerate smoking in the park on GRAD NITE.
  • No student or guest of a student will be permitted to leave Grad Night prior to park closing, unless accompanied by a chaperone.
  • All prescription medication must be carried by a chaperone at all times unless a special exception has been approved prior to the event. Asthma Inhalers are an exception to this rule and may be carried by students.
  • ALL students and guests MUST adhere to the Dress Code provided or entrance to GRAD NIGHT may not be permitted.
  • No outside food, drink, coolers or other food containers are permitted.

All Rules and Regulations must be strictly adhered to, and it is the school’s responsibility to address all issues prior to attending Grad Night. Any Grad Night attendee who fails to comply with these Rules and Regulations will be confined to a designated area and/or may be asked to leave.


The dress code for Grad Night at Six Flags Magic Mountain applies to all participants including students and guests. Anyone not adhering to the event dress code may not be granted admission without finding alternate clothing. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure all participants are dressed appropriately prior to arriving at Grad Night. Any student or guest not permitted because of dress code must remain accompanied by a chaperone until a resolution has been found.

Acceptable for Everyone: DRESS TO IMPRESS!

  • Jeans
  • Khakis or dress pants
  • Jackets / Sweatshirts / Sweaters (gentlemen must wear a collared shirt underneath)
  • Any apparel/clothing purchased at Six Flags Grad Night.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • Gentlemen must wear a collared shirt. Polo or Button Down collared style shirts are acceptable.

Acceptable for the ladies:

Purses (no larger than 8.5” x 11”)

  • Dresses or Skirts (no more than 3” above the knee)
  • Capris
  • Blouses
  • Please note these important requirements NOT PERMITTED:
  • No T- shirts
  • No Shorts
  • No Backpacks or any large duffle bags
  • No clothing affiliated with a school, sports team, group, club, etc. (i.e. letterman jackets, clothing with school logos, etc., including groups with matching shirts, pants, etc.)
  • No clothing in poor condition (torn jeans and shirts, etc.)
  • No extremely revealing clothing (i.e. bathing suit tops or bottoms, tops showing midriff, see-through clothing, etc.)
  • No briefcases, hip packs (fanny packs), camera bags, tote bags, or oversized purses are allowed.
  • No headwear of any kind (Hats, Bandana’s or Beanies)
  • No clothing or belts with spikes, sharp studs, chains (no wallet chains)
  • Failure to follow the dress code may result in delayed or denial of admission to the Grad Nite event.
  • Six Flags Security has the right to refuse admission to anyone they deem not appropriately dressed for the event.

Finals Schedule Monday June 9th and Tuesday 10th

Period 1/3     8:00 - 10:15

Snack         10:15 - 10:35

Period 2/4    10:35 - 12:50

Lunch         12:50 - 1:20

Wednesday June 11th and Thursday June 12th Minimum Day Schedule

Period 1     8:00 - 9:00

Period 2     9:05 -10:05

Snack         10:05 - 10:30

Period 3     10:35 - 11:35

Period 4     11:40 - 12:40

Lunch         12:40 - 1:20



Summer School Dates


June 30-August 1, 2014

7:50 am-12:50pm

NOTE: More than 3 absences will result in a failing grade

Summer School Registration


You must register online from April 28 –May 23

There will be no credit recovery next year!


How to register:

  1. Complete the online application at www.lbschools.net/summer starting April 28th

            You will need the following information to complete the online application:

  • Student ID Number
  • Student birth date
  • Emergency contact information
  • Active email account


  1. Come the first day of summer school, June 30 at 7:50 to pick up your schedule and start class.


Once you have registered, your counselor will enroll you in summer classes prior to the start of summer school.  Poly will be offering the following classes in summer school.  Students can take up to 2 different classes (10 credits).


REMEDIATION ONLY                                             BRIDGE CLASSES(Original Credit)

English 1-2                                                                   Pre Algebra (2 periods)

English 3-4                                                                   Pre Geometry

English 5-6                                                                   Pre Intermediate Algebra

CAHSEE ELA                                                 Pre PreCalculus

Algebra 1-2

Geometry 1-2

Intermediate Algebra



Lab Earth Science


PE  9/10

Spanish 1-2

Spanish 3-4


** If classes fill and we are unable to get you summer school courses, you will be notified prior to the start of summer school.



If you do not register online, you will have to come the 2nd day of summer school to see if there is room in the classes you need.


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Congratulations: Javon Olivas PAAL's 2013 Edna Smith Scholarship Recipient


Clarence England: PAAL's 2013 Most Inspiring Student